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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
4:14 PM

sabi ko hindi na ako mag uupdate ever. but because the last post i made was rather *bitin* or vague (and i am rather self indulgent), i will give you yet another post.

first off: pia, i miss you. reading your posts has made me realize that you are ever slowly changing in to someone i barely recognize. which is not really a bad thing when you come to think of it. i know you hated being yourself back in high school. but still, i miss you. and i wish that if ever you come back to visit, we can pick up from where we started. i admit. it was a beautiful blossoming friendship brutally cut short.

kuya reggie: thanks for the (late) post. we've worked it out already. everything's fine. almost deux ex macina- ish. parang telenovela. weird. illogical. happy.

greyers: i love all of you guys. dunno, but, i've finally stopped shutting out myself from you guys. hindi niyo napansin? oo. nagpapaka loner ako dati kahit prens tayong lahat. i've realized that you are the people closest to my heart. and although i generally keep my problems to myself, if they become unbearable, you guys are the people who are going to know.

i'm okay. as said above, everything miraculously solved themselves. curiouser and curiouser. a higher being is playing an ever increasing role in my life.
acads are great. my GWA is 1.5 which, according to a certain high school chem teacher is "magnable"-- kayang ihabol ng magna cum laude standing. Sana nga.

and the love life. how could i even forget about that? akelle is getting mushier and mushier by the day. strange really. i'm getting used to it though. and slowly loving it. :embarasslaugh:

so there guys. see you. hafta go. i still have to teach my kid sister how to do prime factorization. god help us.


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