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Sunday, February 29, 2004
2:03 PM

The Post Valentine entry. (which comes 3 weeks after)

Why i do not like being courted prior ot a relationship: It feels fake and rehearsed. Not to mention creepy and stalkerish if you dont like the person. I'd wnat to see a person's qualities without being bribed by chocolates or flowers. it's really that simple.

Why i still believe in romance: Flowers and all that stuff still matter because they still make me feel good and pretty and wanted. Fine, call it feeding my ego. But, what the heck! Flowers are flowers. They make me glow and feel pretty inside.

Up to today, i've yet to receive flowers from a guy. That's why i say Prince Charming is barefoot. He may not even exist.


Saturday, February 28, 2004
10:37 PM

what is this? have i just been firewalled from friendster?! no.............. that's not supposed to happen! not supposed to!

I want my friendster!

im slowly turning into the groupmate everybody, even i, hate. ugh. i need to fix my priorities. studies definitely before sleeping and eating chocolate sandwiches.

someone's messing with akelle's tagboard yet again...


Friday, February 27, 2004
3:38 PM

part 1
isaw is killing me. i have to stop. now!

part 2
akelle doesnt love me. he keeps on breaking my heart! *sniff*

part 3
die karel marquez! die!

part 4
i want more slurpee. (pepsi blue flavor)

*im still in retard mode*


2:23 AM

ang tanga ko. eto pala url niya:

o diba, di rin siya vain! (peace tayo baby!) :D


2:08 AM

wore my knee high boots to school today. got a lot of looks. some quite dirty. and, was asked for directions by more guys than ever before today. right... like you really dont know where the shopping center is. (SC pa talaga tinanong sakin no? di bale, cute ka naman e!)

a couple of guys even went as far as to ask me if i were into bondage! (they're my orgmates). i politely smiled and said: why, are they too sexy, they're almost obscene? haha. about the bondage thing... well, it remains to be a secret.... tanong niyo si akelle!!! joke lang po. :D

speaking of my love (yihee, si pat mush mode!), he's allowing tablers to link him! :D if you dont know what "tablers" means then you're not one of them. sorry. akelle's an intellectual elitist and if you haven't proven you're mental capacity to him yet, he won't even bother with you. ang saklap no? so what does that say about my high school friends? whoopee!

ano ba yan pat. you sound like a retard. sorry.

okay, that's me experiencing my personality split. which means that i have to go now. ta ta! :D


Thursday, February 26, 2004
7:11 AM

new skin. la lang. ive been slacking off too much lately. have been entranced by basic html and then some. i've put off writing and submitting the end half of my paper on LAtin American militaries and democratization. that paper accounts for 35% of my grade and is due tomorrow afternoon.


there's this person bugging akelle's tagboard and im not sure who it is. he/ she's dissing fts in subtle ways like comparing them to cheese, slapshock and greyhoundz, which is a whole different genre. am i supposed to care? i do. take your dissing somewhere else.

i sense the start of the tagboard wars.

anyway, i just discovered that i am going to graduate on time. yipee! thanks to overloading myself two sems straight. the gc in me even calculates that i might pull up my gwa a little bit and still manage to graduate magna cum laude.

hmm...can't wait to start my ojt and inject some life back into my life. sir teodoro, here i come. wala ka na talagang kawala sakin ngayon....

to be continued


Tuesday, February 24, 2004
3:11 PM

"TRICIA: hi.. akelle... can I have ur cel #,, I really like Faster Than Satan.. I think Fts is one of the fastest band I`ve ever heard... and ur so Hot!! lol - Can we meet???"

some idiot posted this on akelle's tagboard. and he thinks i did it!

sino to?! grr... grr... talaga.

selos ako...

yan kasi, pat. karma to the max ka na.


Monday, February 23, 2004
12:33 AM

we dont have to give up our blogs.

anyway. im tinkering with html. is fun.


Friday, February 20, 2004
5:12 AM

im here. having crises too. and i'm sick. i have a flu. i caught it from him.

and can i say that this thing, contemplating suicide, is something ive passed already. i think we'll all go through it. i went through it during high school. you know, all the heart break. it's one of two things. i went through it too early, or you guys are a little late.

but now, even if akelle and i fight. even after ex issues. even right after our pseudo break ups, suicide is already out of the question. why? i dunno. maybe it's because i've grown enough to notice that i've got more to myself than the heartache receptor. i've got my brain, i've got my will and i've got my heart. i can always love again.

which is not undermining my love for the guy. it's just that, after so many problems have gone your way, you have no other recourse but to learn the small t truth. after much trial and error, you realize that yes, you do need to leave some space for yourself. it's not something you set aaside consciously. because if you start a relationship with the thought that "i will never give 100% to this person", the meaning of love gets all warped. it becomes a tad selfish. (this is what happened to trina and i). setting aside space for yourself happens when you're tired and alone and sad and you're crying and you're drained but you realize that you've done this before and you're still here so maybe you can do it again. that its not as bad as it feels.

him/her will never be = me. that's a happy thought. well at least for me. because equivalence always brings about thoughts of suicide. that after she leaves you for someone else you'll need to die because everything else has been sucked out anyway. that after he fails to understand what you mean you'll evaporate because he's the only one who's supposed to understand.

so, there.

i'm here. ;)


Monday, February 16, 2004
5:17 AM

Happy Birthday baby!

Things on the home front are getting bloody. Pakasal na tayo bukas?


Saturday, February 14, 2004
4:40 AM

so, it's the 14th of February...

happy valentine's. happy birthday.

this is too overwhelming. forgive me for all the implied mush. i shall talk about this after the dust has settled.

but damn, we're good! (just massaging my ego) *happy me*

about to revert to *stalker mode* in 3, 2, 1....


Wednesday, February 11, 2004
11:26 PM

Brief summary of your name: Pat

Your name Pat has given you tenacity of purpose and has made you extremely independent. Whatever you undertake, you approach from your own point of view, and others either have to conform to your ideas or go their own way and leave you to work things out for yourself. You are so narrowly focused in your pursuits that you frequently overlook the little personal considerations and attentions that create a bond of understanding and sense of companionship. Thus it is difficult for you to merge your efforts harmoniously with others.

uhmm.. yeah. pwede na rin

Brief summary of your name: Patricia

Your name of Patricia creates a desire for association with people and new experiences, many of which have been rather bitter. This name has given you a gregarious personality and a quick-thinking, creative, and versatile nature, but one that is very emotional. You desire change and travel and would enjoy opportunities that allowed you to be creative and to act independently, rather than to conform to system and routine. However, this name does not allow you to complete your undertakings, as farther fields always look greener.


Brief summary of your name: Bien

Your first name of Bien has given you a quick, active mind, which has caused you to delve into many different ideas and theories. You have a desire for association with people and, since you have no difficulty in being spontaneous and expressive with others, you have considerable ability for discussion and debate. You enjoy unexpected opportunities for meeting people, or doing things on the spur of the moment. Where you have difficulty is in organizing and systematizing the handling of your responsibilities. Though you can work on any undertaking intently as long as it absorbs your interest, you cannot persevere when confronted by obstacles or by tedious monotony. Thus your success in your undertakings is limited.

so may MPD pala ako?


11:22 PM

Top 10 witty one-liners (in no particular order):

1. All generalizations are false, including this one.

2. Always remember, you're unique. Just like everyone else.

3. If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest have to?

4. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile away and you have their shoes.

5. Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

6. I laugh at the face of danger. Then I hide til it goes away.

7. Why do psychics have to ask for your name?

8. A day without sunshine is... like night.

9. 5 days a week, my body is a temple. The other two, it's an amusement park.

10. How come wrong numbers are never busy?

ripped this from a friend's lj.

must write better entries.

must stop stalking exes. help.


Monday, February 09, 2004
11:33 PM

waah. bati na kami ni akelle.

o diba. hindi niyo man lang alam na nag away kami. well... ganun talaga ang buhay!

5 DAYS NA LANG!!! Shit! This is so... wow.


kita ko yung field trip pic nung mga blockmates ko.... argh! miss ko na kayo! shems, dapat inaya niyo kong sumama. ano ba naman kayo!? diana, miss na kita... natatandaan mo pa ba nung nag hike tayo paakyat ng taal? first year pa lang tayo noon diba? grabe. sobrang. WOW Philippines nung moment na yun kahit pinulikat kamin nina Philip at Tim sa bangin. Shyet. Bakit ko ba kayo iniwan? Ang tanga tanga ko!! Grr... ah!!!

Miss ko na kayo.

Ang dami kong kwento sobra.

Medyo weird yung pic niyo. Si Papa Luke, after two years, ganun pa rin ang porma sa pic. as in! pakita ko sa inyo yung pic natin after we got down taal! the same, im too intellectual to look at the camera, let me look at the sky look. PAkers! Jerome, ano ba yan, answering the call of nature? Wahahaa.... Pansin niyo bang HINDI AKO KASAMA SA PICTURE?

Hindi niyo siguro ako nami- miss...

Tampo na ko...


In other news. Ang Faster than Satan ay tutugtog sa UP DIliman Fair ng tatlong gabi.

Unang gabi- Feb 9 (actually Feb 10), c/o EDIT Diliman. 230 am po ang set nila

Pangalawang gabi- Feb 13 (actually Feb 14 na yun), c/o EMC2. 130 am po ang set nila

Pangatlong gabi- FEb 14 (actually Feb 15 na yun), c/o me and Atom Araullo. Yihee! TExtmate ko si Atom Araullo! Nakwento ko na ba senyo yun? :)

Nood kayo? libreng kiss sabay hug, ay entrance pa sa "backstage" at meet the stars (na kilala nila akelle). sige na.... please?


Saturday, February 07, 2004
1:26 AM


The weirdest thing happened. But for me to understand the magnitude of its weirdness, i'll first write down the details.

People who know me know that i can get quite creepy. i stalk people. no, i dont follow them to their homes, silly. i just, you know, gather information about them. With the subtlety of an expert i do this. i did this for 1 year and 7 months to a crush who never had a clue until i told him.

well, last night was the first, and i think the last time, that beloved *stalker mode* backfired on me.

around a month ago, i discovered a certain ex's livejournal. and started reading. and started laughing, and started haing fun and getting amused. no serious stuff really. just some really funny shit. i mean, ljs, blogs, public domain right? i mean its the freakin internet for crying out loud. its the perfect little place for voyeurs like me.

anyway, before i get defensive.

this week, as i was getting depressed and shit. i posted anonymously in certain ex's lj. just a few comments saying that i could relate and that i liked her lj skin etc et. and that i knew this atheist ex boyfriend she posted about every so often. just that. that we had a lot of things in common. hey. credit me for not telling her that we shared the same face.

and so she began asking me who i was. i said: let's YM. and then i gave her my YM sig.

and then last night she sent me a blank message. just to know that she was on YM. and she starts asking me how i stumbled across her lj. i said i kinda live for those things you know, finding hard to find people. should have told her that my fave section of the library's the microfilm section, just to illustrate the point. anyway...

and then she asks why i kept commenting and how i knew her. well, i said, through the atheist ex boyfriend.

and then she asks, how? and then i say well we're sorta together. and then she starts getting mad and asks me, then why are you posting on m lj? that sort of shit. and then i kept saying sorry for creeping her out. was trying to explain that this is how i really am, esp. to people that i am quite fond of. but she just logged out

and when she logged backed in. she banned me from YM.

ok. and so i thought that was that, creepy girlfriend scares ex girlfriend a little bit. maybe she thought i was trying to shake her up, "wag ka nang lalapit k ano, akin na siya, bwahahaha!!!!" wtf? hello?

but no. she tells ALL of her friends. and they gang up on poor boyfriend asking him what the hell was happening. huh? nothing's happening, silly. and why would you ask him? ask me! hello? brains? people? you now what those are? really silly. ASK ME! dammit. we were already on YM!

anyway. there. boy gets mad, good thing she called at like 3 am, crying. (at least i wasnt there to witness everything first hand). why did i need to slap it to her face that she was the ex and i am the current? Hello there. no one was slapping anything on anyone's face. no one. hello!? and tehn she made her two best boy buds call boy up as well. well, i aint got a monopoly of scary shit you know.

i just dont get how she came home with that conclusion. i just dont.

wrong combination. stalker + paranoid = disaster. that's my assessment.

naturally, boy gets mad at me for "messing witht the past". (but i like messing with the past!) but he still fetches me from school the day after and helps me with my stuff. "now i realize how much i really love you" he says (or somethig to that effect) last night was the first time he ever got mad at me. because when he gets mad he gets really mad. but somehow, because of this huge love for me, he got over his anger.

wow. could've lost him there. just because of silly old *stalker mode*. now im thinking of retiring *stalker mode* lest she put me in more danger. hmmm.... im thinking really hard about it.

it. was. just. one. miscalculation. just one. shouldnt have YMed with her. shouldnt have posted in the first place. should have just regaled in the fact that i found her lj (among many other things, she would have freaked out, even more, if i told her how much i knew about her).

but i just wanted us to be friends goddamit! (friends in the most twisted form and manner)

retire *stalker mode*? thinking. thinking.

boy, im publicly apologizing for doing that AND writing about it.

and you people. stories about this, comments etc. definitely limited to cyberpace i.e. tagboard, friendster, email

and to people who dont want to be stalked through google, get a freakin pseudonym! I googled my name and was a TeeVee Babe monthly winner for crying out loud! as if you dont know how easy it is to search for something on the net. what if you encounter someone worse than me? god help you then.

out for now. sheesh. is this how pathetic i am?


Wednesday, February 04, 2004
10:13 PM

just to prove its existence, Murphy's Law has fucked with me yet again.

1. nasa davao ang dapat kong iinterviewhin
2. in lieu of Bayani Fernando na ayaw mag pa interview.
3. wala pa akong iinterviewhin for a loooooooooong paper due on monday
3. may sakit ako ngayon
4. minsan minsan lang magkasakit, ngayon pa kung kelan 3 ang deadline ko bukas
5. walang pagkaing matino dito sa bahay.
6. hindi na ako marunong magbilan (2 ang #3 ko)

oo na!!!! naniniwala na ako sa Murphy's Law! Tangina mo rin! Leche...

pero sana pumunta kayo sa FEb 13 and !4 dahil tutugtog ang Faster than Satan sa UP Fair. actually, Feb 14 and 15 na yun kasi 1:30 and 5 am respectively ang timeslot nila.

lahat ng kilala kong pupunta ay pwedeng pumasok sa backstage.
kaya magpakilala na sa akin at pumunta sa mga gabing naisaad sa taas.
para sa karagdagang detalye. mag intay ng ilang araw.

KATEXT KO SI ATOM ARAULLO NGAYON!!!! wala lang. tawag niya sakin ay: pat! (may kasamang umlaut).

yun na lang muna.


Tuesday, February 03, 2004
12:43 PM

Our featured House Member
from October 15, 2001 to October 21, 2001

Hon. Zamora, Manuel E. "Way Kurat"
Compostela Valley, 1st District
Term: 1
Party: LAKAS

about our member

REP. MANUEL "Way Kurat" Zamora is one of the emerging number of unassuming, low-profiled members of the House of Representatives' 12th Congress. Born in Caloocan City in 1950, he took his elementary and secondary education in the province of Compostela Valley and two years of college at the University of Mindanao. Although this is his first time to represent the people of the 1st District of Compostela Valley as a Congressman, he had 27 years of public service experience in local government.

contact info

House of Representatives
1126 Quezon City, Philippines
TL (632) 9315001 local 7246
Telefax (632) 9316337

do you know that...?

As part of the House of Representatives' week-long anniversary celebration from Oct 15-19, 2001 he spearheaded the launching of the Congressional Biking Society.

As of this writing, CONG. WAY KURAT still goes to work riding a bicycle.

news article

Rep. Zamora shows them what austerity means

HE GOES to work on a bike and wears “puruntong” shorts in his office. He uses a small service vehicle for his rounds back home. And when his finances permit, he takes a boat to visit his province.

Moreover, he interacts with his constituents by acting as “kristo” (bet collector) in cockfight arenas scattered around his district.

Would you believe this guy is a congressman?

Compostela Valley Rep. Manuel Zamora, 51, has a lot to teach his colleagues about frugality and austerity.

A first-term congressman, Zamora says he goes to work on a bicycle because he still has to get a car from the House of Representatives and he can't afford to take a taxi.

"So, I thought, since the place I was renting was only 3 kilometers away (from the Batasang Pambansa complex), why not ride a bike?" Zamora says in an interview by the INQUIRER.

So off to Cartimar in Pasay City, Zamora went with his chief of staff to purchase a P5,000 mountain bike.

At 8 a.m. from Monday to Friday, Zamora takes a 30-minute bike ride from Sierra Monte Village in Quezon City to the Batasang Pambansa.

It's uphill going to the House, but its okay because it's downhill on my way home, he says.

Donned in jogging pants, Zamora chains his bike to the railing of the steps at the entrance of the South Wing where he holds office at Room 405.

After taking a bath, he changes into his “puruntong” shorts and then goes about his legislative work, including entertaining his constituents.

"I'm comfortable in my shorts. Why should I be ashamed?" says Zamora, who is a farmer by profession.

At lunchtime, Zamora takes his bike for the short trip across the main gate to take his meal at Migs Restaurant where rank-and-file House employees have their lunch.

After lunch, he changes into the more formal barong Tagalog as he prepares for the 4 p.m. regular session.

"I'm just like this. I am a simple man," Zamora says, wondering why he should get so much attention for leading a frugal life in what was otherwise a world of the rich and famous in the House.

He says he felt timid during the opening of Congress on July 23 because his seatmate happened to be San Juan Rep. Ronaldo Zamora, who incidentally has a brother named Manuel.

"(Ronaldo Zamora) is so rich, it felt weird sitting beside him," says the unassuming Zamora, a high school graduate who only went as far as first year in college where he took an engineering course.

Zamora will most likely get a vehicle soon because one of the benefits given to members of the House is a car loan from the Landbank of the Philippines.

this guy. i want to interview for the personality profile


2:19 AM

hindi... ganito na lang ang labanan

kung sino mas pathetic sa akin, bibigyan ko ng ice cream.

game? game.

the internet time i am currently using is loaned from a high school friend bigla kasi akong naubusan.

i- ginoogle ko ang pangalan ko (Patricia de Leon). Monthly winner pa la ako ng TeeVEe Babe. nasaan ang pera ko?

i am apparently a Latina soap opera starlet

sige. talunan tayo! :)


Monday, February 02, 2004
7:20 AM

To further uplift my spirits. I copy pasted my favorite Friendster testimonials for you to see and for me to gloat upon! well... sige na payagan niyo na ko! :)

Simoun, 11/04/2003:

I totally understand why Pat decided to pursue journalism in UP Diliman: she's in a constant quest for the truth. She can be blithely upfront to you in your first encounter, because this is a girl who's allergic to pretenses. We, the human race, are in need of more people like Ms. Pat here. If not for the sincerity, then at least for the constant trekking to UP Manila that she makes despite the painstaking effort it took for her to transfer to Diliman. Wonder why...hehe....=p

to think we dont even know each other that much. so that's the first impression i give on people...

Tine, 11/08/2003:

Most people probably think that Pat's too young, well let me tell you now that age doesn't matter. She has proven her worth countless times and I'm proud to say that she's one helluva editor...and at 14 no less! She doesn't let things like that get in her way. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. I always look forward to her "morning hugs" which by the way, taught me how to "hug back". And after highschool days, i still find myself looking forward to getting them, hehe I'm selfish that way, because every hug makes me feel good. Like the hug--her hug, was a "reward" for something i didn't do yet. And it encourages me to do something to merit it. She's really very sweet and have so much love for those she cares about. I always think of Pat as "My Pat". And nothing will change that. Not now and no matter what happens, not ever.

shempre from my ate tine!

A.J., 11/14/2003:

I HAVE A FEELING that I'll be a part of history someday. Not because of what I have done or what I will do, but simply because I have been a part of someone's life, and that is of course, my dearest friend, Pat. One of the persons I truly admire because we share the same passion... to talk, with sense overflowing all around. She is UP Manila's biggest loss when she decided to transfer to Diliman. Darn, why should Diliman take all the great people? I know that she will make it big when the time comes, she has all what it takes that are the main ingredients of great people, and like them, she share the same humble beginnings. I'm excited of who she'll be in the future, she might be next president of the Philippines, heck, she can be the next dominatrix of this planet. What I'll be proud of when that day comes that in one point in time, I was her kuya AJ.

whoa. sweet talker talaga tong mokong na to.

Maddy, 12/16/2003:

Pat keeps me alive. She sustains the hunger and thirst inside of me without her knowing it. Simply put, I’m living because of the love I get from her. Without her, I probably would have found everything as senseless and vague. She has provided me with reason beyond human comprehension that only a few of us could understand…maybe that’s why I never felt alone. I have caused her pain, but she forgave me…she brought back my direction, and along with that, the passion, the love to live life the way I used to. Mahal ko ‘to at patuloy na mamahalin. Anuman ang mangyari, walang makapagbabago dun.

the girl who most understands my soul

Jaypee, 01/05/2004:

character cross-inspection: patricia de leon. gender: feminine creature. scientific name: patricius femus fatalis. basic description: sexy. description extensions: emotionally sexy. academically sexy. socially sexy. politically sexy. sensibly sexy. friendlily sexy. fashionably sexy. journalistically sexy. spiritually sexy. yosily sexy. and intellectually sexy. Comment by the researcher: o, sabi na e, sexy di ba!

this? from the org crush- masscom crush ng bayan? this is too much... ryan, mainggit ka!!! hehe

and of course...

Akelle, 11/12/2003:

She's my best friend.. one of the best and most incredible person i have ever met, she stands by to you, no matter what you do, no matter how miserable and messed up you are, and she always makes you feel good.. she's very understanding, very talented, and extremely smart.. she'll be really BIG someday, no doubt, because she has everything it takes to go where she'd want to go, but when she gets there, she won't hesitate to look back and still care for the people in her past...i luv u dude! :)

kulang pa, Akelle, dagdagan mo pa ng konti!!! :)

yun lang po muna!


6:55 AM

Good morning everyone!

February 2... Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 19 years of being together despite yourselves... that's something to be proud of!

February 2... Happy Birthday Frank! Yech. Man, you're old. Gotta admit it sometime right? start now. Considering that you're already twenty two freakin years old! Ang tanda mo na! isa ka nang alamat!!!!

February 2... 12 more days til our big day! I miss my baby so much! :)

And faster than lightning, Adan has added me to his Friendster list of friends. As of now he has a whopping, 2 friends! Haha. Well, that's one for the bandwagon effect.

anyone notice how exceptionally perky i am today? I just finished my DILG story for that terrible Carlos class. Now, that's 2 down and only the House paper, the soft news feature, the personality profile, the hard news feature, the press release and the speech story to go! (that's only for that class) whew! yey me!!!

Anyone know how to get to Pateros? I need to do a survey there. Anyway...

Got an interview the the main man later. MMDA chair Bayani Fernando. Gotta give it to him right? he's a great manager. Don't worry Lin. I'll remind myself to tell him about your escapades with his subordinates! :)

Hmm... what more?

Oooh... I'm doing a report this afternoon on "experiments as a tool of communication research." weh? i'm totally going to wing it! hahaha.

do i sound stoned? don't worry, i'm not. it's just 5:15 AM. I got plenty of time to get really truly stoned.

Hope this day stays happy!

Wish me luck friends! Feels like this week's going to be a complete turnaround! (Well I damn hope so!) :)

Waah!!!! I still miss you guys though.


What about me?

business reporter who hates math. ate to two biological siblings and numerous adopted ones. in love with ice cream and ampalaya (NOT taken together). soul at rest. badly in need of a trip to the beach.


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