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Sunday, August 29, 2004
1:51 PM

A half- smile broke out upon the princess' face. At last there would be someone to talk to, she said to herself. She took a second look at the boy, smiled a second smile, and hurried down from the walls to the gate.

Her thin fingers felt across the wooden plank that secured her gate. "This would be the first time in a long time", she whispered to herself. She tried to lift the plank alone, but without anyone to help her it was a daunting task. She managed to remove it, though. She then cranked the handle that held the drawbridge's ropes. She untied its knots and started cranking the handle. Because she could not control the immense weight of the drawbridge, it fell across the moat with a thunderous roar which echoed across the forest and sent birds flying about.

The sound and the thick cloud of dust that came after the crash sent her a few steps back. And yet she could still see, through the specks of dust hurting her eyes, the outline of the boy moving forward, into the castle. It went across the moat, into the gate and into the walls-- right in front of where she was standing.

The sun was setting.

The dust finally cleared, she saw that the figure towered over her. The ragged, jagged and tired face looked more like a prisoner's than a boy's. But the eyes were definitely young. The princess saw through the barren look.

The boy looked at her closely as if inspecting the contours of her face. Painted in his eyes were painted a mixture of rage, longing and confusion. He had been travelling the forests alone and for the first time someone let him in. He took the princess by her wrists and held her even closer, as if hostaged to his stare.

And he looked at her. And looked at her again. Inside him, feelings of heat were stirring up, and this made him feel powerful. Yet at the same time he felt flaccid in all the wrong parts of his body, and this made him feel confused.

"What must I do next?" He asked himself quietly. "What must I do after this?"

All the while the princess was shaking with fear. She was searching for gentleness from the one clenching her wrists, but she could not. She was waiting for him to speak to her, because after all, that was what she thought he would be, someone to talk to after years of solitary confinement.

But he did not speak to her. Not before he violently shook her and threw her to the ground.

Making motions to leave, he said to her in a chilly voice:

"You are not the one"

And he left. He left the princess on the dirt of her castle grounds, crying from pain and dazed with confusion. She kept asking herself "what happened?".

He ran through the forest, under low hanging branches and over dark bogs, as fast as he could. He cared not to stop for food nor for water nor to rest. He only wanted to run away from the princess and the castle and the drawbridge across the moat.

He ran so fast that he reached the town in the blink of an eye. And into the marketplace he went, shouting like a mad man.

"In the forest there is a princess alone inside a castle."

He was not even out of breath.

"I want her! But on second thought I do not! She must not feel any pain!"

He shouted louder.

"She is not the one! She cannot be my wife! She should not be my wife!"


Thursday, August 26, 2004
3:17 PM

The other Fairy Tale (More morbid under/overtones here)

There was once a princess who lived in the middle of a forest , in a castle with a moat around its periphery. Apart from the moat, the castle had high and thick walls which were meant to keep the princess safe from intruders, and to keep the her locked inside as well.

The princess, as all princesses are, was very beautiful. She had jet black hair, which matched perfectly with her jet black eyes. She had pale white skin and blood red lips.

But she did not have a wicked step mother. She did not have anyone at all, she felt. She kept to herself mostly, spending most of her time up in the tallest tower of her castle. She loved to stay there to dream about moments past, and to relive memories of a past life and of past loves.

But mostly, she stayed there for the view. Ironically, even though princesses are supposed to have servants, she had none. And as such she was totally alone in the huge castle. So she would stay in the tallest tower to be able to see as far as her eyes would permit her. She wanted to see human life. She wanted to see people who could keep her company-- even for just short installments of time.

One day, when she was about to give up her wait, just as she was thinking "time has betrayed me to loneliness!", a boy strayed into her vision. She was atop the tower and from her vantage point, he looked like an ant. A beautiful ant who could finally keep her company.

The princess stared at the boy. Finally she could see her outline. He was tall, but waif like. He looked tired and lost. He looked hungry. He most certainly looked like he needed the princess' help.

So the princess ran to the walls. She cried out to the boy:

"Do you need any help sir? Food? Lodging? I am willing to provide these!"

The boy looked up at her. His eyes were hollow, his face ragged, jagged and tired. The boy looked at the princess and was taken aback by her beauty. He had travelled through the forest, and had seen only monsters and beasts. This was the first time he was coming face to face with beauty.

His cold body came alive with heat at the mere sight of the princess before him. And so he said:

"Lower your drawbridge and I will come in."

To be continued


Thursday, August 19, 2004
10:47 AM

torture is

wearing 3 inch stiletto heels.
but wearing 3 inch stiletto heels also makes me feel good and sexy, i've recently discovered this. i arrived from korea with a lethal purchase of brown bondage stiletto shoes. and i love them. but they give me pain and make me look funny, walking as if i were drunk.

the good part is i look taller and slimmer and sexier. and that wearing my 2.5 inch wedge heels are easier than ever. thank goodness.

i'm so excited about the "sustainability plan" that the philippine delegation will be hatching. okay, this is my dork mode now. we're talking east asian integration here, not just on the economics like EU, but even in culture and politics. We're probably going to put up a UP based org first. And I'm volunteering to steer it. I WILL NOT ALLOW IT TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF A DITZ.

And the ditz im talking about is a real one. She's TRYING to hog the prospective work by saying that by graduating next year all of us will cease to exist (kasi sha 3rd ear pa lang). ano sha, hilo?

to make it clear how much of a ditz she really is, here are a few examples of what she was saying in korea.

1. when the philippine delegation was talking about our stand on cultural integration, she kept insisting that we stop talking about culture "kasi we're not culture naman eh! we don't have culture! tignan niyo yung mga Filipiniana niyo, iba- iba. Ibig sabihin nun wala naman tayong culture. Kaya let's not talk about culture na!"


2. two delegates (from other countries) beside her were talking about how Chinese girls were so aggressive.

One pointed to a Chinese delegate and said: "look she's not even wearing panties!"
eto namang si ano, humirit: "ay diba kasi they're so poor in China?!"

huh? she cracks me up and makes me wonder how the hell she got into the delegation.

anyway. i'm not letting her head the organization. i will definitely forego my anarchist tendencies just for this.


Monday, August 09, 2004
5:31 PM

i'm finally back from South Korea. So many things happened in that one week, i don't even know where to start.

*and I would just like to wring the neck of this girl beside me in the net cafe with her fake american accent and lousy elle woods act. tangina niya*

now, back to what i was saying.

i reliably think that i got hit on by the Malaysian "head of state", meaning, he was the head of the Malaysian delegation, and he hit on me day in and day out for 7 days. i missed the attention, but got shocked out of my wits when he admitted, in a truth or dare game our group played, that he is already 33 years old. and that he's already married.

so much for my first encounter with a dirty old man.

haha. if you're reading this, your excellency, go srew yourself.

had tons of fun while poring over state policies. gawd, i miss my polsci classes so much. good thing i still havent forgotten the things i learned during my polsci days. i was elected Philippine senior official, and i performed the duties of Education, Culture and Press Ministers. I was also defacto adviser to the head of state.

but, i had more fun drinking budweisers every night with my malaysian friend kumar (no, not the dirty old man) and other drinking buddies. i almost got dead drunk. he did, and we played a game of "walk the straightest line" the last night we drank.

the food was really nice, but we ate the same thing day in and day out (second time i used that phrase, so much for redundancy). *i really hate the girl beside me. i hope she fails the upcat*

shoppin was so- so. not so cheap, but excellent stuff.

but the language was the best. it's the most beautiful foreign language i've ever heard. it's so malambing. i really plan to learn it when i get the time to do so.

and i missed everybody so much, especially this guy i'm in love with. in a few minutes, he's gonna pick me up from school. i can't wait.


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