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Friday, April 22, 2005
8:15 PM

usapang prof

"You're one of the best students I've had when it comes to class recitation."

Grabe naman. Itong compliment na ito ay galing kay Sir Arao. Ang kapal ng mukha ko na ipost dito diba? Wala lang. I was just floored. sinulatan ko kasi siya ng testi sa friendster, nag papasalamat lang. tapos sinulatan din niya ako. tapos nagpasalamat ako. tapos sinabi niya to sakin. ang bait talaga ni Lord.

kelangan ko kasi ng picker upper eh. mantakin mo ba naman na umuwi yung iinterviewihn ko sa ABS CBN! hindi man lang ako inintay. hmph. buti na lang at idinrive ako ng tatay ko. kung hindi e di nagpagod lang ako fro nothing.

nga pala. alst week nakita ko si sir LVT sa grocery sa may amin. naglalakad lang ako sa labas tapos nakita ko ang kanyang Vitara. USE 900. So bigla akong pumasok. Nakita ko siya doing grocery with his daughter (na kamukha ni ex wife). So yun. akala ko makikita ko siyang naka shorts (finally!). But no, naka black polo siya at gray pants. kahit nag go- grocery.

so dun pala siya namimili ha. mapadaan nga uli bukas. baka sakaling weekly sila mag grocery! :D


Wednesday, April 20, 2005
7:48 PM

ulp. bigla akong napa log- out ng di oras sa Friendster.

nakita ko kasi yung account ng gf ni mr. nine month's na akong may cruh sa'yo, sorry (dati kong crush). nabasa ko pa testi nila sa isa't isa. if you're reading this i promise i'm over na!

is it jealousy? nah. if it were jealousy, i would have done something about it, like, i would have done something about it in a gangster film sort of way. but i'm still here in my chair.

it is a realization of defeat. defeat hurts for someone like me. and it hurts even more when it comes in different layers, to a person who is a tad beyond normally competitive.

layer 1- conventionally, (talagang may disclaimer pa), she is more attractive than i am. she is thin, petite, feminine, and graceful. i am not thin nor feminine. i am awkward.

layer 2- she has been allowed to love him openly. i was only allowed b convention to keep my feelings a secret.

layer 3- this hurts the most, means the most. she is loved back. i was never. i don't even know if he ever liked me as a friend. maybe he just felt thankful for everything i did for him.

i don't want to elaborate on this, really. i'm also tempted to compare him with A. it's unfair for both of them. i just wanted to state it for the record. on this day, april 20, 2005, i have finally accepted defeat.

the getting over part always comes much faster.

peace out.


Friday, April 15, 2005
12:52 PM

walang internet sa bahay ngayon! kainis!!!

so ang aking crush ay within a 1 meter raidus. so what?!

pera na lang ang kulang, enrolled na ako. what's new?

at ang tatay ko ay nasa isang golf tournament. sana manalo siya. kahit sa raffle lang. dati nanalo siya ng trip for two to hongkong

at marami pang iba. next time na ang brain stimulating post.


Saturday, April 09, 2005
2:01 AM

I usually end my semesters with a recap. But usually, I do this recap when all grades are in already. Why? Because grades were the make or break part of a class.

But I’ll do my recap in this entry, without the benefit of knowing what my grades are, in any subject.

Because finally, finally, I have realized that grades are nothing compared to the actual learning experience that comes with the subjects. Is this a stupid cliche for you? Well, I'm sorry, but it's nto for me. I've been a grade conscious git ever since i can remember, probably thinking that, hey, this is the only thing i'm good at so better milk it for what its worth.

But i've slowly proven that i am so much more than good grades. And now that i have made peace with myself, now that i am at the point where i do not feel like proving myself any further, i can drop the grade issue and start enjoying education for what it really is.

it's such an opportune time for this discovery. just when i'm about to leave the academe, i am gifted with this realization. it does come a little bit late. if i had known earlier, i might have ejoyed college more (too much even!) but at least i still have the opportunity to, you know this line, look back at the things i've experienced and appreciate them for what they are. those times i slacked off, played billiards, watched movies, skipped school, were not mistakes that deterred me from getting my most coveted great grades. they were the times that i was living my life, the times i was really learning.

this is not the senti post, yet. that whole monologue was just me digressing.

Okay, so this sem was actually one of the best i've ever had. (it's hard to play favorites). i enjoyed my academic subjects. j 103 stimulated my brain and my pen, j 122 taught me the things i should have learned in 121, j 151 gave me a sneak peek into my possible career, j 152 gave me a wonderful "playhouse" experience with my groupmates and classmates, and well, j 200, let's leave j 200 alone for the time being, shall we?

sir teodoro was awesome, as usual. just when you think that you couldn't possibly learn anything more from him, he surprises you with a bit more of his wisdom. i'd really love to be his colleague. how lucky sir arao must feel. but i guess that dream will forever be just a dream.

ma'am congjuico was, well, not so spectacular. but her subjects are pretty darn good. i give her credit for the way she structured her PR class. it's learning through experience, which is what works most of the time.

ma'am agulto just blew me away. i used to detest advertising. i saw it as something that wasted my time, something that perpetuated stereotypes and sold me things i didn't need. ma'am agulto made me realize that advertising, like journalism, is a way of communicating messages. save for the fact that advertising is inherently commercialist, there is nothing wrong with it that can't be fixed by right minded people.

because she didn't put advertising on a pedestal, and because she gave us the concept of "values advertising", she has made the industry appealing to me. that is definitely no small feat!


to my favorite whipping boys and girls: i'm sorry. i need a little more courage and a little less pride, but i promise to patch up with you soon.


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