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Friday, July 22, 2005
6:08 PM

Why did the chicken cross the road?Here's why according to some famous localpersonalities:

President GMA: Hello Garci. Alamin mo nga kungbakit tumawid ang chicken.

Sec Gonzales - That Chicken is a an aberrationand belongs to a rantingwidow. She (the chicken) is too beautiful to be runover as it crossesthe road.

Former Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano:Sige po ma'am. Gagawan natin ng paraan. Ipapakidnap ko ang mga sisiw.

Susan Roces: Let us remain calm. Let us followthe rule of law indetermining the chicken's motive for crossing the road.

Former President Joseph Estrada: Ako na naman?Pati ba naman pagtawidng manok, sa akin isisisi?

Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye: That chickenwhich allegedly crossed theroad is a fake. We have the real chicken in our coop!

Sen. Ping Lacson: I have asked a foreign group toauthenticate thetaxonomic classification of that animal whichcrossed the road. No doubt,it was indeed a chicken.

Former Sen. Kit Tatad: I did my ownauthentication. The chicken is real.

Bro. Mike Velarde: Tiyak 'yon.

NBI Director Reynaldo Wycoco: Both chickens are fake.

Archbishop Oscar Cruz: I have witnesses to provethat the chicken crossed the road.

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism Blog:We have thecomplete audio and video of the chicken crossingthe road. Download here.

Atty. Allan Paguia: I admit! I spliced the chicken but only for my post-graduate class. I didn't fry it. In fact it's still alive.

Cong. Chiz Escudero: Once and for all, I am challenging the chicken. The public is waiting for its answer. Did it cross the road or not. If yes, why? If no, I still won't believe it.

Atty. Samuel Ong: It was looking for its mother. But the chicken won'tfind it because I am keeping the mother of all chickens.

Sgt. Vidal Doble: It was forced to cross the road.

Sen. Aquilino Pimentel: Impeach the chicken!

Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casio: The chicken has betrayed the motorists' trust when it crossed the road. Fry it!

Sandra Cam: The chicken has laid dozens ofchicken eggs across the road. I was personally asked by the chicken -which happened to be my close friend - to deliver the eggs to Congressmen Mikey and Iggy Arroyo. But please, do not insinuate that I had a special relationship with the chicken. It was just a friend.

Cong. Mikey Arroyo: That chicken is a liar! I never received a single egg from that animal.

Cong. Ignacio Arroyo: I will file a libel case againstthe chicken!

NTC Commissioner: That's fowl. (whattapun!) You should not discuss that on air. Else, we shall revoke your franchise.

KBP: Fowl or not, the NTC's circular is curtailment of press freedom.

san kaya nanggaling to? nkuha ko lang to kay kate and i must say, tawang- tawa ako!. ;D


Thursday, July 21, 2005
7:03 AM

my mom went to singapore on my birthday and ever since then, i've been in yaya mode for my two younger siblings. cook dinner. wake up at 430 am. prepare their baon for school. make them merienda. i kinda see how i'll be when i'm 35. hopefully by then i'd have 2 kids with a loving husband (who is still, at this moment, busy with his board exams). and yes, ladies and gentlemen, i wouldn't mind staying at home.

(what?! pat?! but you're the ultimate career woman!)

i know. but the people who know me know that i can be the ultimate nanay too. i cook, bake, comfort and pick up after the people that i love. so no regrets there.

it's really funny. despite how this world defines success and happiness (fame, fortune and good looks), the happiest person i know is a "plain housewife".

mommy, i miss you. :D and yeah, after years of thinking about it, i do want to be like you.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005
8:51 PM

kanina, ang dami kong nakitang familiar faces sa ortigas:

quark henares
tita ging deles
chris villanueva
jinky oda

all in a span of 30 mins.

wala lang. :D


Sunday, July 10, 2005
10:53 PM

hilo ba ako, or is this the sloppiest banner by the inquirer that i've ever encountered?

"FVR factor makes GMA hangs tough"

ngayong araw yan. second edition. umabot ng second edition!

ano ba, nahihilo ba ako?

someone tell me im wrong...

yuck, hindi daw pinansin yung laman nung balita no...


6:01 AM

i feel like a real teenager.

something's making me giddy.


kilig ba to?

my smile's a lot brighter nowadays. bakit kaya?


Monday, July 04, 2005
12:52 AM

a lot of things:

1. that was a nice thing i did back there, play badminton the whole afternoon with my church friends (still an odd ring...) i had so much clean fun. hahaha!!! even i am still not used to myself!

2. i went to sir teodoro's village. that was where we played badminton, but unfortunately, i did not get to see his house. seems like they're not so close to the neighbors, as i asked someone who lived there if he knew the teodoros. he did not.

3. we're going back next week. and my return will not be in vain!

4. on friday i will be going to laguna for a much deserved (really?) vacation. i am so excited. really. i am.

5. i read something disturbing on yesterday's business section (pdi). The US investment bank Bear Stearns and Co. is downplaying the "crisis" here in the Philippines. Why is this disturbing? A lot of reasons, actually.

* They don't see the opposition as a credible alternative to Gloria- this could not be more true. how else can you describe an opposition that does not know what it wants? incredible. The Lacson camp is entertaining Noli as "constitutional" (how the word has been trashed...) alternative, Binay wants a "transitional government", Digs wants Erap to return to power. What are we supposed to want as well?

* We still need the approval of USA's technocrats in order to appear credible. even to have a credible political crisis. doi.


The more parallels i draw between the events of today and EDSA 1 and EDSA Dos, the more jaded i become. there are just so many similarities. (president who sucks, camps who are discontent, widows waiting in the wings [EDSA 1], an atmosphere of discontent)

i just don't know why Malacanang isn't spontaneously combusting yet. these things revealed about Gloria are even more incriminating that Erap's juetengate yet the crowds rallying against her don't quite measure up to the EDSA throngs.

more importantly, why am i not as passionate about this?

definitely: i'm tired of Pinoy style "revolutions". wala namang nangyari e. napapalitan lang ng tao sa pwesto, pahirap rin naman sa bayan ang pumapalit.

definitely: i'm very much uncomfortable with the opposition. Erap! Lacson! Dilangalen?! No one tell me the Philippines has run out of nice guys.

definitely: Sin is dead and Cory sucks! where did she get the nerve to tell Susan Roces to follow what the Constitution says? she did the very same things Susan is doing back in her days, calling then president Macoy names and all that jazz. i hate her hypocrisy!

definitely: there are no heroes this time. we don't have a Davide, or even an Emma Lim to idolize and empathize with.

definitely: i feel like this is all my fault, having participated in EDSA Dos. I feel that i should have thought about it more. i half expect myself to have foreseen all of this. I was (am) so naive!

what a downer.


What about me?

business reporter who hates math. ate to two biological siblings and numerous adopted ones. in love with ice cream and ampalaya (NOT taken together). soul at rest. badly in need of a trip to the beach.


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