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Thursday, April 27, 2006
7:04 PM


(Another Day-Mojofly)

I think I'll go home now
it's been the greatest day
thank you for shedding life to my fantasy
throw me a wicked smile
the one like yesterday
that threw me up and away to the evergreen
like a spiral staircase
down i go losing every step
i sense an earthquake I.L.U.
don't even know how to say
when will it break today is gone
but tomorrow will be okay
i'll wait another day

morning awakes me i need a special plan
this very simple task i cannot overcome
hundreds of streets i roamed
in search for the perfect line
nothing i've found good enough for a boy like you
why i can never let you go
so strange extraordinary
why i can never tell you so
i must be dumb
why i can never let this go
can't stop this fun it must be done


Wednesday, April 12, 2006
1:15 AM

naninibago ako.

walang ministry update na gagawin, walang bulletin na tatapusin, walang planner na aayusin. weird.

feeling ko asa destiny ko talaga ang zambales. nung bata ako yun yung adopted probinsya namin. tapos lagi kami andun dahil sa yacht club member si lolo. tapos si manong taga zambales. tapos ang camp sa zambales.

i love zambales!

i want to go swimming!

i'm crazy!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006
11:35 PM

sige na popost na ko uli!

clarification: i am Pat, and i do work in the Inquirer. but i am not Pat Evangelista. this is not Pat Evangelista's blog ... this is Patricia de Leon's blog. i do write for the Inquirer but i dont have my own column. i am a slave of the Inquirer Badminton Monthly and Business Features. i write about trade fairs and badminton products, not my reflections and thoughts on ... things.

and... this Pat is going to the beach! finally, a longer-than-a-day break from life in Makati! i am so excited to be going back to Zambales to be with the same people. i don't mind that manong's not coming with us... oh no wait, i do. but since i really cant do anything more about it ( i already talked to his boss, his boss told him to go on vacation, he chose not to), i'll just enjoy the sun, the sand, the surf and the company minus the distraction that is him.

i'll concentrate on that some other time.

it's been almost 2 weeks since my bone doctor told me to take a short break from badminton (a 2 week break!). i, apparently, have acquired patellar tendonitis or Jumper's Knee, from all the running and jumping that i do c/o my favorite sport. it's been a struggle not playing. Before the diagnosis, Tuesday and Thursday mornings have been exclusively for badminton; now my mini-hiatus has almost driven me crazy.

But at least, i've found time to do other things. I've gone on that long-delayed trip to the book store, had that much-postponed alone lunch and caught up with friend Diana for my once-a-month Starbuckstravaganza. Next week, i'm back on the badminton trail... i can't wait.

but! it's really the beach for me! oh wow, i can't wait to feel the sand under my feet... i'm a beach freak, i know.

i hope they have those massages there. i've been planning to have a real good massage ever since i started work. unfortunately, i haven't had the time, or the guts to spend money. oo na kuripot na kung kuripot...

and a tan! i need a tan badly! i've never been this white in my life... ang puti -puti ko na! while to some that may be the answer to a life-long dream, to me it's not. i love beautiful morena skin, especially cause i never seem to be able to have it. no matter how long i stay under the san, i never get dark enough. i just get redder and redder and redder. my skin just hurts, it doesn't brown.

and staying up NOT because of breaking news, but because of interesting conversations with friends. and a bonfire. and seafood. and stargazing.

next time na yung "and manong."



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